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What are “crucial conversations” and why do they matter so much?

July 16, 2018

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Hiring Managers: why would anyone REALLY want to work for your company?

18 Apr 2018

I see a growing number of posts similar to this, but nothing appears to be changing.


Most jobs promise to be ‘an exciting opportunity.’


Most companies promise to be ‘dynamic and forward focused.’


I will leave the word ‘passion’ for another time…


If these claims are true, there is some serious competition out there.


What REALLY is it about your role and your company that is worth someone taking the risk of moving for?


I’m not asking about the bullet points in the job description.

What problem does this role solve?

Is there room for creativity and innovation?

Is the team spinning slowly but surely out of control and you need someone to bring stability and focus to your problems – someone who excels at trouble shooting? Even if the job is prescriptive, have you created opportunity for collaboration on different tasks?

Have you truly considered what is in place to make sure this role holder can flourish?

How do you anticipate the role evolving to meet future changes – will it keep the best people interested?





Everyone wants the ‘best talent.’ This is understandable. No one is going to ask for ‘talent somewhere between not bad and average.’


Is what you offer really the best or are you sitting somewhere between not bad and average?



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