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July 16, 2018

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Do you REALLY need to recruit?

10 Jul 2017


A high performing member of your change team has just handed in their notice. The usual thoughts going through a line manager's mind at this point are (in no particular order):

'How long can they stay, I could really do with them being here until after the holiday period.'

'I need a comprehensive list of everything they do so I can up-skill the rest of the team.'

'Here we go again with the joys of the internal recruitment sign off!'


Does this sound familiar? When a colleague leaves the first response is usually to recruit someone with similar skills and experience to carry out the same role in the same way. 



Is this really what your team needs? Has the work in the team changed since the leaving role holder joined? Has the remit of the team changed? Does it need to be permanent FTE?


When someone leaves it is the ideal opportunity to carry out a vacancy  or resource needs analysis for your team. A comprehensive analysis of the demands, tasks and resource could provide you with:

- the spare FTE you need to bring in specialist resource to get a key project over the line.

- the data to demonstrate that the demands on your team have changed and the resource could be better used in another area with the existing workload shared amongst the team. 

- evidence to support the reduction of historic tasks, improving the efficiency of the team.

- confidence that the demand is there for the role, making it easier to sell to top candidates in the market.


A resource needs analysis should be built in to all internal hiring processes as a way of improving team efficiency, ensuring the resource model is still fit for purpose in an ever changing industry and to provide a solid blueprint for recruiting the role.


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