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July 16, 2018

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Are video CVs the way forward?

26 Jun 2017


An individual is far more than a name and list of qualifications on a piece of paper. Unfortunately, that is essentially what a candidate is reduced to in the initial stages of most hiring processes. Those with recruitment responsibilities inevitably find themselves scoring applicants based on factors such as qualifications, impressive sounding (often embellished!) role responsibilities and achievements and previous places of employment. However, forward-thinking employers and recruitment professionals are beginning to recognise the advantages of video CVs when it comes to seeing the person behind the bullet points. 


Sometimes dismissed as only being worthwhile for those with bags of charisma, both employers and job seekers may need convincing. Video CVs are the next logical step to the online profiles offered by the likes of LinkedIn. Moreover, as making a video usually requires more effort than formatting a traditional CV, the fact that an individual has bothered to do so says something positive about their ambition and pro-activity. Candidates should be encouraged by the fact that, in producing a video CV, they are maximising the number of people who might absorb the information it presents and gives them the opportunity to give more detail relevant to the role applied for. While some people are happiest with written text, many more have a visual or aural learning style, to which a video CV caters well.  


Currently, Video CVs have particular relevance to certain professions. For example, the concept is a regular recruitment tool for actors and performing artists. Its success in these fields suggests that it might also work elsewhere. Being able to present information in a clear, concise way is a part of nearly all roles. What better way is there to demonstrate your ability in this key area than talking about the subject you know most about: you!  


When it comes to making a video CV, there is no prescription requiring it to consist of an individual standing and talking in front of a camera. Graphics can play a part and could have particular relevance to professions that require information to be regularly presented in slide decks on conference calls. For these individuals, a video CV could showcase their talent far more effectively than any piece of paper.  


Employers willing to be flexible when it comes to the content and format of a video CV might be those most pleasantly surprised by the results. Being able to see the person earlier in the recruitment process pays dividends. After all, we are hiring people, not paper.  



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