The Pareto Principle

The Vital Few:


80% of your results come from the top 20% of your employees

Our specialist recruitment solution connects you with the best HR professionals, ensuring your business has the capability and talent to meet modern business challenges.

If you hire within the HR and people development market perhaps as a senior leader or HR professional you will likely have come across these common problems:

  • Talent acquisition is becoming more expensive

  • You aren't seeing the best HR candidates, often the CV and the interview don't match

  • It takes too long to fill mission-critical vacancies

  • Bad hire risk is increasing due to higher turnover, people are changing role more frequently than ever before

  • Your process for recruiting top talent isn't fully using the digital advantage

You need HR professionals who will:

  • Truly partner with the business and translate HR initiatives into the business language

  • Influence senior management to buy in to the people agenda

  • Adapt their approach to maximise stakeholder engagement and demonstrate their value to employees

  • Innovate and provide creative solutions to the problems being faced by HR leadership.

How we can help

Our signature four-step approach, The Ravelston Clark Way, assists hiring managers, who are frustrated with lengthy, ineffective recruitment processes, to find the right people to support their people strategies.

Book a free, no obligation call and we will show you how you can attract the top 20% of HR professionals.


  • analysis of the role, its selling points and why it matters to your business

  • develop bespoke campaign, showing your business at its best


  • digitally map the candidate market

  • contact strategy to increase engagement and reach

  • leverage contacts and network to uncover hidden talent.


  • video interview

  • real world skills assessment, showing you how they would really perform

  • shortlist presentation


  • coaching through offer and acceptance

  • on-boarding assistance

  • 12 month guarantee period.

We specialise in the following roles

HR Director | Head of HR | Senior HR Manager | HR Manager | HR Adviser | HR Assistant

People Director | Head of People

Capability Director | Head of Capability | Senior Capability Manager | Capability Manager

Engagement Director | Head of Employee Engagement | Engagement Manager

Talent Director | Head of Talent | Senior Talent Manager | Talent Manager | Talent Advisor

Culture Director | Head of Culture | Culture Manager

Learning & Development Director | Head of L&D | L&D Manager

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