Where do you want to be in your career?


Achieving higher performance reviews? 

In a different industry all together? 

Marina, chief career coach and confidence booster

Our jobs and our businesses are huge parts of our lives. 

Life is too short and precious for unsatisfying jobs and living with that 'what if' feeling.

I work with people to help them find roles that inspire and motivate them. I help people to build on their confidence, resilience and to gain a clear mindset about where they want to go next in life - be that a new job, promotion or starting out on their own.

Your job influences nearly everything in your life. Here is a small, non-exhaustive, list of these areas:

- what you can buy
- where you can live
- how many children you can afford to have
- the standard of food you eat
- the number of holidays you can go on and where
- the hobbies you can indulge in
- your financial security
- the time you have to actually live your life
- how satisfied you are with life - feeling you are capable of so much more but being stuck erodes our confidence, happiness and sense of pride in our abilities
- your relationships
- your sense of personal satisfaction
- your day to day happiness 
- your mental well-being

Life is short. If we need to spend most of our time at work - which many of us do - we need to be sure we are in the right place. Settling for anything less is doing ourselves a disservice. 

If your job isn't giving you want you want and you want to move on, move up or move out, I would love to work with you to make it happen.

In the same way your car takes you from A to B, coaching will take you from where you are now to where you want to be in your career.

Throughout our sessions you will:

  • learn to identify your natural style vs. enforced style of working

  • cast away limiting beliefs that make moving on more difficult

  • grow your confidence in the path you want to take

  • identify the exact steps you need to take to achieve your career goal

  • learn how to draw on your strengths in the workplace.

If you are reading this, you are no doubt looking for a change. The next step is to book in a free, no obligation call with me to talk more about where you want to be and if I can help.

Would you like to talk?

Find the time that suits you best and simply book in directly in to our diary!

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