Ravelston Clark has invested heavily in research and testing of new ways to recruit, leveraging new technology, automation and the most effective methods of building an adaptable, resilient workforce.
The world of work is changing faster than ever before. Advances in technology, AI and automation are going to change the employment landscape and introduce unparalleled opportunity for creativity and innovation for a new generation of workers.
To provide the infrastructure, deliver change and transform new ways of working, businesses will need people who are: adaptable, resilient, self-aware and fully engaged.
Ravelston Clark is a people consultancy. We offer two distinct, complementary services:

We work with businesses to identify, assess and recruit the top people, enabling them to deliver their goals amidst world-class competition.

We offer a range of coaching and development services. We provide business consultancy to support companies looking to build on their talent, L&D, engagement and people policies. 

We offer career coaching services to individuals looking to move on, move up or completely change their career.

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Marina Jamieson
Managing Director

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